Interactive Software Federation of Europe

Industry Facts

A few excerpts from the European summary of 2012 ISFE Consumer Study:

1. 25% of the European online population plays videogames at least once per week:

2. 45% of all gamers are female, 49% is at least 35 years, while 12% is younger than 20 years:

3. In the Nordic countries, many parents play video games with their children:

4. Across Europe, a majority of parents thinks video games encourage their children to develop more skills:

5. In many countries, a majority of parents also thinks it stimulates creativity:

6. Opinions regarding the impact on aggressive behavior differ strongly between countries:

7. Parental controls are used by parents but fairly different per country and per children's age:

8. 1 in 2 Europeans recognises the PEGI age labels. Almost everyone finds them clear and useful: