Interactive Software Federation of Europe

ISFE's role

ISFE helps the video games industry reach its full potential throughout Europe and worldwide by securing effective legislation to protect intellectual property rights, adequate enforcement of such legislation and unrestricted access to markets, both off-line and on-line.
From the outset, ISFE has been spreading the word on its members’ positions regarding the main political and legal initiatives of European and international institutions in fields such as intellectual property, e-commerce, fight against piracy, WTO negotiations, protection of minors and the environment. An expanded ISFE membership has allowed for increased lobbying in those areas, together with these specific goals:

  • European Awareness

Creating improved awareness of the interactive software industry as a key player in the European economy and as a solid vector of European culture. 

  • Minor Protection and Consumer Information

Confirming the role of the industry as a responsible one by continuously improving and repeating our messages to inform European consumers about the content of the products and their appropriateness for different age categories. 

  • Research and Market Data

Establishing a source of information for its members and the media about industry data and relevant legislative and technical developments through market research on consumer awareness, attitudes and trends and legitimate vs. pirate sales.

  • Support for National Representation in all EU Countries

Cooperating closely with national trade associations to enable the best possible representation of the industry at national level in all European countries and provides best practices and interaction across borders. 

  • Fight Against Piracy

Gathering and distributing information about illicit sharing, production and trade while supporting the fight against piracy with training and legal advice.