Half of Europe’s population plays video games



50% of the EU’s population aged 6-64 years old plays video games, equating to approximately 250 million players in the EU.


Nearly half

Women account for 47% of video game players in the EU.



The 45-64 age group is the fastest growing, accounting for 31% of all EU players.


9.5 hours

The weekly average for playtime is 9.5 hours.

Games are more than entertainment

Games provide important societal benefits in areas such as therapy, education and culture, but also contribute to bringing new technologies into other sectors of society.

According to research conducted in the UK by innovation charity Nesta in 2017, those who play video games are better educated, are no less wealthy and are more likely than non-games players to participate actively in culture.

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“We welcome this research that dispels the assumed stereotypes of people who play games. Games are creative, innovative and immersive experiences that enrich our everyday cultural life, and inspire new ways of understanding and interacting with the world around us. It is not surprising that this research indicates that players are more likely to be actively participating in other cultural media.”

Dr Jo Twist OBE  CEO of Ukie