Interactive Software Federation of Europe

GameTrack Methodology

GameTrack is a multi-country tracking survey, designed to provide a complete view of the video games market in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and the USA. ISFE commissioned Ipsos Connect to run the project. 

GameTrack includes all devices that might be used for playing video games – from PCs and laptops, games consoles and portable games devices through to smartphones and tablets as well as currently niche devices such as smart TVs. Similarly, this includes all types of games – from packaged (new, pre-­‐owned and rental) to apps (paid and free) to online games (including downloads, subscriptions, browser games and games on social network sites).

Central to GameTrack are three key metrics, with each breaking down the total market by specific devices and types of games:

Time - the amount of time that is spent gaming

Volume - the number of games being acquired (both paid and free)

Value -­ the amount of money being spent on games

GameTrack reports on a quarterly basis but fieldwork runs throughout the quarter. Each year, a sample of 1000 adults aged 18+ is interviewed via a short offline survey (including questions relating to the games played by their 6 to 17-year-old children), to provide data that is used to weight responses from a much more detailed online survey. The online survey is conducted amongst a sample of 3000 internet users aged 6-64 years. The online survey runs monthly throughout the quarter.