Microsoft, Nintendo Implement IARC System


PEGI S.A. today announced that Microsoft has begun deploying the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) rating system to administer the familiar PEGI rating symbols for all games and apps in the Windows Store for PC, tablet and phones in 38 European countries. Recently, Nintendo also implemented the IARC system for all digital content that is available via the Nintendo eShop.

Established by PEGI and other international rating organizations, the IARC rating system streamlines the process for assigning age and content ratings to the high volume of digitally delivered games and apps coming into the market today. PEGI ratings are also displayed in Google Play and Firefox Marketplace using the IARC rating system. Developers can obtain ratings at no cost while consumers are getting the necessary guidance about age appropriateness of the content in games and apps. PEGI will continue to assign ratings for console downloadable and/or packaged games that play on Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony PlayStation platforms through traditional means.

“Microsoft has long supported IARC’s efforts to bring forward a single, much streamlined and cost effective global rating process for developers. We’re pleased to make the IARC system available in early 2016 in the Windows Store as a way to help our customers find regionally relevant ratings for games and apps,” said Todd Brix, General Manager, Windows Store and Developer Marketing, Microsoft.

Launched in 2014, the IARC rating system simplifies the process by which developers obtain age ratings by having them answer a single set of questions about their product’s content and interactive elements. Their responses automatically generate different age ratings from each participating territory along with a generic rating for the rest of the world. Currently, the IARC rating system administers the familiar and trusted content ratings from PEGI in Europe, ESRB in North America, ClassInd in Brazil, USK in Germany and the Classification Board in Australia with more rating authorities expected to join in the future.