Interactive Software Federation of Europe


ISFE Board of Directors:

  Olaf Coenen, Electronic Arts


Ian Mattingly, Activision Blizzard
Mark Maslowicz, Microsoft
Clemens Mayer-Wegelin, Nintendo of Europe
Philippe Cardon, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe 
Alain Corre, Ubisoft
Olivier Wolff, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Alberto Gonzalez-Lorca, AEVI
Thalita Malago, AESVI
Henk Hoogendoorn, BEA/NVPI
Felix Falk, game
Emmanuel Martin, SELL
Jo Twist, UKIE

Who is eligible to be a member ?

Any association or multinational corporation based in the EEA (EU plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) representing the interactive software industry, or with the business objective of producing and/or publishing interactive software. Other entities closely connected with the interactive software industry may also be admitted.