How video games help teachers teach. But wait, there’s more.

Author: Felix Gyllenstig SerraoGame-based learning expert, Project Manager on Education Teaching Materials, Region of Göteborg, Sweden We live in an age where teachers are competing for their...

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A perspective of Lidwine Sauer, Digital Trends and Insight at Ubisoft

In the week that the European Commission publishes its White Paper on AI, learn more about the exciting area of R&D in the video games industry.  This sector is the largest and fastest growing se...

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A perspective from Yoan Fanise, Artistic Director on “11-11: Memories Retold”

Yoan Fanise, the Creative Director on the game, tells ISFE about the creative process behind “11-11: Memories Retold”. Released on 9 November 2018 at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the...

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