One of our industry’s priorities is that children enjoy a safe playing experience.  

From the outset, it has been one of ISFE’s main goals to promote responsible gaming towards to the ever-increasing number of players. Informing the public, and parents in particular, is one of the main objectives of our membership which represents both national federations across Europe and major video game publishers.

ISFE and its members do this through several tools: PEGI, parental controls tools and regular campaigns at national level. Learn more about all our initiatives in our dedicated section.

​Fun and games: Protecting children’s data in the video games industry

Hear more from Jürgen Bänsch, Director of Policy and Government Relations, at PrivSec Global, 3 December, on Technological Development and the Impact on Children’s Data Privacy. Click here for more information on the work being done by the video games sector to protect the data and privacy of minors.